New FREE “The Story So Far” Album

As promised, here’s the retrospective CD: “End of Part One, (or: Tall Tales & Short Stories.)” It’s a two-CD set, comprising of some of the highlights from the first 5 Lucid Dream CD’s.

Given that they are high-quality 320k mp3 files, I’ve decided to upload each CD separately.

You can grab CD1 by using this link:
And you can get CD2 here:

The tracks have been remastered and remixed. Some have been edited, a few shortened, and one restored to it’s full unedited glory. I’ll let you figure out what’s what! Each download contains a pdf file of the artwork, so you can print out a cover should you wish to burn CD’s.

Right, back to making new music!

End of an era..?

During the writing process for the new CD, it became clear that both Graham and I had differing opinions on which direction the new songs should take, and no agreement could be reached. As a result of this, Graham has decided he no longer wanted to be a part of the Lucid Dream project. This split, whilst a shame, has been completely amicable.

Both Graham and myself have done 5 CD’s over the last 8 years that we are immensely proud of, but Graham now feels that he would like to turn his efforts elsewhere, exploring other musical influences. We both wish each other well with our future projects, and I’m sure that our paths will cross and we’ll work together again at some point.

Taking this into account, I decided to open up the Lucid Dream project, and use it as a vehicle for my own music, plus any collaborations that I do with other people, so whenever a new Lucid Dream CD appears, it will be myself and one, two or more singers, more than likely including Graham at some point.