Equipment Used

There’s no multi million pound recording deal for me (yet!) But I pride myself on getting the best sound out of the equipment I have. I write and record in a small room about 8 x 5 feet! For anyone who’s interested, here’s an idea of the kit used…


Fender USA Stratocaster Plus Deluxe with Lace Sensor Gold Pickups

Fender Modern Player Telecaster

Gibson-Branded Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Gibson USA Pickups

Gibson Les Paul Doublecut

Burns Brian May replica guitar

PRS Custom 24 SE 30th Anniversary

PRS Tremonti SE Custom

PRS S2 Singlecut

PRS SE Angelus Alex Lifeson Signature Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez 12 string acoustic guitar

Crafter Classical guitar

Keiper Bass guitar

VOX AC30 amp

Peavey Stereo Chorus 2 x 12 Combo amp

Casio Keyboard

Nektar Midi Keyboard controller

Shure & Marshall Condenser Microphones

Various Boss, Korg, Behringer & Pod effects

Custom-built Digital Workstation PC

REAPER software

N-Track Studio software

Mixcraft Software

Audacity Software

Behringer recording interface and outboard EQ

Pod Farm, Guitar Rig & Amplitude Guitar Amp Software