Trading Thoughts Lyrics

Got The T-Shirt
(Greaves / Rennie)

So many talents, how’d you find the time to satisfy?
Climbed every mountain, and then jumped down from the sky
You’ve forgotten more things, than most of us will ever know
Seems you’ve done everything, tell me how can that be so?

I can’t believe almost any word that escapes your lips
Can never tell just what is true
Seems you’ve experienced more than fifty lifetimes’ worth
But look real hard my friend, I think you’ve come undone

Don’t insult me man
I can’t hold my tongue with fists that are clenched so tight
That don’t impress me man,
Just relax and be yourself

The fastest, strongest, fittest, OK man, don’t kid yourself
It’s so hilarious you never see our eyes roll
Power of influence extends so far across the land
Skills and ability so absolutely in demand
Trying so hard not to be caught laughing in my sleeve
It’s a matter of time, make excuses and then take my leave


 Aint it funny now you finally seem to realise
That you won’t make it on your own?
Turned your back and burned your bridges as you walked away
And now you’ve nowhere to call home
Across the miles you’ll soon be travelling don’t you forget
I’m gonna stay inside your head
All the lies you’ve told will come on back to haunt you
And you’ll regret the things you said…

So tireless, unreal you know Im never buying this
What does it mean to me, get back in your scenery
You’re from, I know, a level below
And when I see you, I throw up, just chuck up and go
Coz Im so bored I cant even pretend no more
You’re so sick, I should knock you down on the floor
Flailing around, you dirty rat-bag
Sold us a line, you’d sell your mum for a fag

I’ve met my fair share of folk that run their mouths
They spew it up so fast, it just comes out
What kind of complex constitutes a skank like you?
You can’t believe all your bullshit to be true

(Repeat chorus until end)


Temporary God
(Greaves / Rennie)

Alone at night, fighting my fight
It’s a battle I aint winning
Trying to sleep, but sleep won’t come
Punishment for my sinning
On the road to regret again
Turned my back on my only friend

I can’t avoid how annoyed, I am with my pride
Take a look, open book, let me back inside
The world will be a lonely place
On my way through time and space

Time and again I pace the floor, don’t think my head can take much more
I can see how the mighty fall, you get so high when you climb the walls
I close my eyes and there it goes, you might think I sound odd
Tonight I’m gonna need a temporary god

There’s a light in the night, far off in the distance
I can see, you and me, but only in this instance
The road to ruin is far behind
After all it’s only in my mind


Don’t believe in you, never needed to
No mistaking it, I’m not faking it
These things have never been perfect you see

The road to ruin is far behind
After all it’s only in my mind

(Chorus until end)


Skipunky (Instrumental)


(Greaves / Rennie)

We’ve been here before, blood stains & tears on the floor
Must be about time to put a tune to the rhyme
There’s an alien vibe from somewhere deep inside
But before it comes through, there’s something I need from you

I can’t break out on my own, no
I need some help to find my soul

From within, I’m without, forgive me
For my sins, I lay down, forgive me
From within, I’m without, forgive me
For my sins, I lay down, forgive me

Please break me apart, dissected without a heart
Flesh torn from the bone, but always without a home
Hate the game, not the player. We’re living on a dirty prayer
I need chemical escape from this constant mental rape

But each time I fail again, yeah
Tell me which enemy is my friend


I can’t break out on my own, no
I need some help to find my soul 

(Chorus until end)


Surface (Instrumental)


(Greaves/ Rennie)

I know that you can prove me wrong, but God’s not waiting for me to come along
I won’t make my knees ache kneeling down in front of something fake
Wasted time, confess your crime
Try to do it better next time

So give me something to believe in
I have no faith and I have no feeling
It don’t make sense, and I don’t see things right
I wish I could feel shame
But you’re the one to blame

A fresh clean slate. A very well done and a pat on the head, mate
By the time I find some faith, I know that it will simply be too late
Father, son and the Holy Ghost
Nailed upon a wooden post


Only science can prevail
No I won’t buy into your fairy tail

(Chorus until end) 


Any Idiot Can Make Music (Instrumental)


Young Lust
(Gilmour / Waters)

I am just a new boy
A stranger in this town
Where are all the good times?
Who’s gonna show this stranger around?

Ooooooooh, I need a dirty woman
Ooooooooh, I need a dirty girl

Will some woman in this desert land
Make me feel like a real man?
Take this rock’n’roll refugee
Ooooooh babe, set me free


(Solo, then repeat chorus until end)


Festizio (Instrumental)


Trading Thoughts
(Greaves / Rennie / Disley)

Prayer is a comfort blanket, confession is placebo
If you feel better in yourself, then who am I to judge your hero?
Talking to myself, doesn’t help to make it right
So I won’t ask for help. I wish I’d never learned to fight

My hands can work miracles, creating and destroying
My mind ever expanding, but time continues toying
As each day’s dying breath exhales, I wonder what I’ve learned
As the distant sunlight fades, I’m left with fingers burned

The iron chains of experience wrap around me every day
And I take what I can from that, without the need to pray
Does talking to yourself make it all feel good?
Ask around for help, don’t be misunderstood

The man who teetered on the ledge, the inspiration of my pledge
I watched his plight on Sky TV
With hell behind, he gazed to sea
What were his thoughts, pray not, they fears
I hope he smiled and shed no tears
Maybe he wandered back in time
To his first kiss, the taste, divine
Or watching stones on a pond, from father’s arms, a magic wand
So here’s the promise I have made, sad the thoughts, I will trade
Gone the man, in place, a dove
The white shirt feathers, plumes of love

And I’ve seen enough contradictions
A million miles away from something within touching distance
And I’ve had enough
How many lies must we be told?
What will it take, to make us see?
It’s not your family, but why shouldn’t it be?
What will it take? WHAT WILL IT TAKE?
What will it take? WHAT WILL IT TAKE?


The Promise
(Greaves / Rennie)

When your time is up
Will you look back without regret?
All the things you could’ve done
Not to worry, your time’s not over yet

 Did you always give your all
Every waking day of your life?
‘cos half-hearted attempts won’t cut it, and you know
That won’t win the prize

Have you ever wasted a day
That you’ll never see dawning again?
It’s like losing a part of yourself
You have to realise, time cannot extend

So make a promise to yourself
And live each day like it’s your last
‘cos the future lies ahead of you
It’s full of choices, forget about the past


 Icelandic Dream
(Greaves / Someone I don’t know / Rennie)

Give me clear skies, give me frozen winds
Give me dark pines, give me icy springs
Give me the transient flake, and eternal snow
Give me the fjords , the sea, the blind heart of the storm

For me the morning breeze, and drunkenness
To my soul ecstacy and fearlessness
Give me hunger, give me longing
Give me the eyes that see and the lips that sing

Give me a soul, vibrant with desire and bliss
Give me the morning star and white fields in the mist
Give me the North, the Arctic light
Give me the Shamen’s second sight

Give me the parted heavens on each side of the Rainbow Bridge
Give me your hand lady, and give me your fierce kiss