Surface Tension Lyrics

WHO’S THERE..? (Instrumental)


(Greaves / Rennie)

Between the lies who knows what’s there? I need a clue
Between your eyes and bloodshot stare, you knew
I’ve been to hell and back for you, never again
My wisdom made me look a fool. Some friend

I’ve been blind for so long
My eyes cannot see
But you can’t help me

I’m rising above you
Destroying all that you’ve become
I’m dreaming, believing
Creating a new someone
The violence we both knew
Has all but disappeared from view
Without it, I’m growing
Forgetting all my fears of you

Wake up again to die tonight. You need me
Inside you twist and turn what’s right. But then don’t see
I’m sick and shallow once again. Who isn’t?
I’ll only have it in the end, and then hate it

I can forgive your vagueness
You cannot forsee
Please forgive my lack of respect for you or me


I can forgive your vagueness
You cannot forsee
Please forgive my lack of respect for you or me



(Greaves/ Rennie)

Six o’clock on a Friday morning
I’m wide awake, while the world is still dawning
Thinking back, over good times and bad
While the good stay in my mind
I try to block out the sad

You’re on the first train out of here
How can I cope without you near
Though the sun shines and the sky is still blue
So is my heart without you
You’re homebound

Here I sit with my last cigarette
Where did you go? You found another love, I bet
I wonder lonely from street to street
What am I gonna do?
How will I make ends meet?


But always look on the bright side
Your life has always been a train ride
Round and round and off the rails

But what can you do?
Can you find it in your heart to put things right?
Instead of tearing them apart
What can you do
To build the bridge between us


THE FOOL (Instrumental)

(Greaves / Rennie)



I can’t believe all the things that were said
I can’t handle this, I’m over my head
Some days it’s a fight just to get out of bed
I can’t handle this, I’m out of my depth
The years roll by, ticking them off day by day
We stare out the window, with nothing to say

The lights of the city burning my eyes
I can’t handle this, I’m over my head
There’s no more mystery, no more surprise
I can’t handle this, I’m out of my depth
Scared any one of us will make the first move
What is there to do, what is there to prove?

And it comes just like a great thunderstorm
And washes away all my fears
And it cuts me like a red hot knife
And leaves me drowning in it’s tears

I feel my nerve ends crackle
And the sweat running down my back
I fill my lungs with breaths of crisp, cold air
The calm before the full attack

I can’t remember the things that we said
I can’t handle this, I’m over my head
We just have to face what it is that we dread
I can’t handle this, I’m out of my depth

The lights of the city, they come back to haunt me
The people around me taunt me
And bend and squeeze and shake me
And bend and squeeze and shake me
And twist and turn and break me

So we bask in our achievements
Too scared to mention what we know
Too scared to ask “Where are we going?”
Just lie back and enjoy the show
Just lie back and enjoy the show…



Back again to shake this place up
Got more bottle than a crate of Irn Bru
Bustin’ sounds like a sonic Bruce Lee battle
Rippin’ shreds you know it’s nothing new

I’m gonna make you listen
And I’m gonna show ya what you’re missing

So crank it up and get into the rhythm
Lucid Dream will take you to the stars
Been doing this as long as I remember
They’re grooving to the beats up there on Mars

So realise that there aint nothing better
Than G-Funk coming through your stereo
And Superhands is riffing to the bassline
So get up on your feet and join the show


Now I know that you are gonna feel it
And you really like the stuff we play
But if you wanna go a little harder
Watch out we might take your soul away



(Greaves / Domander / Rennie)

A river tells the tale of two minds that met
Asking why it travelled softly
And exactly where it went
Passing others with battles of their own
The kind that make you feel oh, so alone

In another land, the night drifts slowly by
Thinking again of the river
She slowly begins to cry
Falling ever deeper, how could they have ever known
They look into the mirror and see that they’ve grown

Do rivers still run when you can’t see them?
How do you know?
Do clouds still soar while you’re beneath them?
How could you know?
Could life have been the same between them?
How would you know?

To know is to feel
To love is to steal
To hurt is to heal
To know is to feel
Remember what’s real

Understanding their fate
Electricity flows between two
Over the many miles
Through skies of black and blue
He reaches out and tries to touch
All the trust he’d been shown
But touches empty air
It’s the distance he has flown
And now he’s home
It’s the distance he has flown
And now he’s home


WHAT’S YOUR NAME? (Instrumental)



Something must be wrong
It’s past midday and I’m still sober
We don’t have to get along
Just persevere until it’s over

The time for change is now
If only you could see it
But I simply can’t allow
That it’s me gets hit the hardest

Looking for freedom on the landscape
I keep looking for escape

I can’t tell you how to deal
You can’t tell me what to see
I can’t tell you how to please
But please tell me how to feel

I’m tightening the screw
Been waiting here forever
Not long before I’m through
To start a new endeavor
I hope you’re not put out
And I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings
So put away your doubt
And we can start the healing

I’m no longer flying blind
Need some time to clean my mind


When I try to think things over
And try to settle my mind
All I see are distorted visions
Of what I’ll leave behind

I want to hear a different viewpoint
I need to try to see
How it looks from a different angle
Or we will never be free

But it just festers like a scar
It will look different from afar
I think it’s time to draw the line
I need some time to realign

There’ll come a time when it’s too late
There’s nothing left to desecrate
This life is not a roulette wheel
So won’t you tell me how to feel?

I can’t hurt you any more
Don’t know what I’m fighting for







I’m on the edge of defeat again
I’d knew I’d be the one to lose in the end
You swore you’d always believe me
But all you did was deceive me

I’m trying hard to make things right
But it won’t happen overnight
It’s such a mountain to climb
We have to give it some time

I have to learn to forgive and forget
Or spend my time dealing with the regret
But it’s so hard to deny
It’s all I have just to try

I have nothing to show for my struggles
And I don’t seem to know what to do
And I struggle to feel what’s right and what’s real
But I’m sure that I’ll see this through

Should I try to convince you I’m worthy?
Should I get on my knees and pray?
Because although it aches, I will do what it takes
And I’m gonna start today

So try to get some perspective
It’s like I always knew
Cos when times get too tough and it feels like enough
I know what I have to do

I won’t waste any time on the small things
And on memories my mind can’t retrieve
Cos they’ll twist and they’ll try to convince me I’m wrong
But I know what I still believe


(Greaves / Rennie)

I can see for miles, the rooftops of this town
If I could see your smile, you’d be smiling at me
Break away right now, running mental
Don’t bring me down

The summer lights, burning in my heart
Keeps my nights, oh so sleepless
Turn around, turn and face me
Just say you might

Oh, you just say, whatever
That attitude’s not clever
It’s to you, that I’m tethered
Oh, whatever

I can’t stand alone, I can hardly stand at all
It’s so hard on your own, unless you’re heartless
Well I could lend you mine, but you’ve had millions
Just see in time


Whenever I describe
How I feel inside
I get the same reply
Whatever does it take
How do I get my breaks? 



INVINCIBLE (Instrumental)
(Bellamy / Wolstenholme / Howard)


(Greaves / Rennie)

I know a secret, swore not to tell
Promised to keep it, from my lips it fell
Secrets are cancer, tears you apart
Once it’s inside you, it eats your heart

I knew a story, built up from lies
I know there’s something behind the disguise
No happy ending, hero to love
Always a villain when push comes to shove

You came along and made my day
Blew the grey all away
But you don’t see it that way
Fool for a lifetime, king for a day, so they say
But you can’t have it both ways

I heard a rumour, they said you’d gone
I don’t believe it, they must be wrong
Now at the window, I see your face
Could it be you’re in a different place?

I’ve been a liar, I’ve been a thief
But now I’m something beyond belief
I am a king now, and I will rule
But without you, I’m just a fool


I’m calling, can you hear me?
Need to feel you, feel you near me
If you whisper through the darkness
I’m running to the light


I didn’t know, now I see, what it means to be free
But it was not meant to be
Fool for a lifetime, master of all I survey
Why did it turn out this way?


A CALL TO ARMS  (The Spazzi Dazzi Remix)
(Greaves / Rennie) 

All the losers and the failures tonight
Take up arms it’s time to fight
Heads buried, deep in the sand
Now it’s time to take a stand

So now we’re standing on the front line
You have your reasons and I have mine
A life to lose, a life to save
Stand your ground boy, just be brave

All your life, you’ve missed out
Now I wanna hear you shout

I’m calling from the top of my voice
It’s time to make a choice
This is not a false alarm
This is a call to arms

Ooooooooooooo who do you think you are?
Ooooooooooooo who do you think you are?
Ooooooooooooo who do you think you are?

Sick of being cut to size
So get your eyes on the prize