I’m still around..!

Hey everyone. Thought I’d drop a line as it’s been a while. Whilst I have no “new” music as such to offer right now, there are some more freebies to grab. A while back, I selected some of my favourite tracks musically from the Lucid Dream back catalogue, and stripped the vocals away, leaving purely instrumental versions of the songs. For some, it will be a curiosity, for others, it may be interesting to hear these songs as they sounded before vocals were added. Either way, I hope you enjoy. You can grab the double album from the DOWNLOADS page.

In other news, there IS some new music being written and recorded, (I promise!) but as yet, I don’t feel it’s ready to be put out there “in the wild” so to speak. I’m also looking at re-recording the very first Lucid Dream album, “What The Deuce..?” armed with better equipment, and more knowledge than I had all those years ago. Further updates on this as events and real life allows. That’s all for now, cheers!