Are you ready to Stand?

Well, it’s been 10 years in the making, the new Lucid Dream album, Stand is finally here. Based on the Stephen King book The Stand, this has been a pure labour of love.

This album features lead vocals mostly by my regular musical brother-in-arms, Ian Brough, with a couple of guest vocals by Arrah Vella, and Jenny Asuncion, and a guest musical appearance by the much-missed Tommy Willis.

The album is available in a number of formats. If streaming is your thing, then you can stream and play it from my SoundClick page HERE. 

If you head on over to my DOWNLOADS page, you can download the album in both MP3 or lossless FLAC quality. Downloads of the album are in ZIP format, and contain a PDF booklet of the lyrics. As an added bonus, the downloads also contain a bonus instrumental version of the album for the geeky types that are into that kind’ve thing. (Like me!)

Ian also compiled a lyric video for the album, containing audio in 24bit quality, so you can play it onscreen and sing along, if that’s also your thing… You can also get that from the DOWNLOADS page, or you can view it on YouTube HERE.

Finally, I just want to say thanks to Ian for helping me with this project. He wrote some great lyrics, and sang brilliantly. Kudos also to Jenny and Arrah for the input in making this an album I’m immensley proud of.

M-O-O-N. That spells new album coming!

Hey everyone. It’s been a LOOONG time, I know, but the first new Lucid Dream album in years is just about ready to drop. This one has been a labour of love, given that it’s pretty much a concept album, based around the greatest book I ever read, Stephen Kings’ The Stand. It’s also timely, given the new TV series of it having just recently aired.

It’s taken almost 10 years from the first song being written to being here now. A lot has happened in that time, and music got pushed to the background for lots of different reasons, but I have to say, I’m immensley proud of this album. It features lyrics and lead vocals by my musical brother-in-arms, Ian Brough, and some guest appearances from a couple of other singers, Arah Vella and Jenny Asuncion, and some drums by a much -missed buddy, Tommy Willis.

The aim is that on Friday, you will be able to download your choiuce of either an MP3 or a lossless audio version of the album, complete with lyric book and artwork from this very website. For people who like to stream, the album will be up on my Lucid Dream SoundClick page.

Ian Brough has also assembled a lyric video, which will go up on YouTube, plus, I plan to make the video available for download too, both as raw MP4 files, or as a DVD ISO, so you can burn a DVD to play on your home cinema system. This video will contain an uncompressed 24bit Audio stream of the album.

There will also be a bonus instrumental version of the album included with the downloaded version, plus an instrumental version of the video too that you can also download.

Stay tuned and check back here on Friday!